Wild Rose Dreaming

A six day intensive plant medicine retreat guided by the spirit of the Rose.

A plant medicine journey to awaken your sacred heart

The Rose Initiation retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with your true essence, to remember who you are beyond your stories, and to face the hidden shadows that keep you small. It is an invitation to step out of your everyday world, and to dive into the magical realms of the plants, whilst being held in a deeply nurturing, feminine space of healing, remembrance and wisdom. This retreat will mark your initiation onto the path of the rose.

What is the path of the rose?

The path of the rose is a path of living prayer. A path of living in remembrance, compassion and beauty, opening us to the highest frequencies of love and devotion. It is the path of the awakening heart. The path of the Goddess. A path of living in harmony with the primal rhythms of nature, where we embrace the magic and mystery of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. It represents the resurrection of the deep feminine within. Where our hearts deepest desires are revealed and we learn the true meaning of regeneration and abundance, empowering us to step into sovereignty and claim our divinity as co-creators with all of life.

“Older than human beings. Older even than hominids. Dig as deep as you can in the fossil record, and roses are there already. In the beginning was the Word, says the Gospel of John. But the truth is, words came later. In the beginning was the rose."

Clark Strand & Perdita Finn; The Way of the Rose

About the retreat

Join Wolf & Rose for this heart opening five night plant medicine journey into the realms of the deep feminine guided by the Spirit of the Rose, with the support of other plant allies including sacred cacao, rapé and mapacho.

Over six days we will drink a Rose Elixir and Rose Infusion as a form of plant diet, a process that enables us to connect to the subtle realms of the plant world in order to receive guidance and deep healing from our plant allies.

Plant diets work across the emotional, physical and spiritual planes, providing the opportunity to heal on many levels whilst developing a beautiful, reciprocal relationship with the spirit of the rose, an ancient healer that holds deep codes of feminine wisdom.

Each day will involve ceremony with the rose, followed by time in sacred silence so that you can learn to tune into the subtle vibrations and medicines of the rose. We will also be exploring shamanic earth centred practices, temple arts and sound healing as well as various embodiment practices which will help us to shift into altered states of consciousness, to connect more deeply with the dreaming world of the plants.

There is the option to completely fast for the duration of the plant diet or to follow a restricted diet. We also ask that you follow a restricted diet for three days prior to the retreat and for two weeks afterwards to enable the rose medicine to work more deeply with you.

"Beautiful, powerful and disarming medicine, leaving me full of love, full of life, full of deep gratitude and humility. I know no better way to find balance."
- Emilie Chauvet, France
"It was my first introduction to the rose, and it became clear that she was what I didn’t know was missing from my life. There is so much gold to this work, and the journey is only just starting."
- Deirdre Ambrose, Ireland
"The whole offering is pure magic: the live music, the singing and sharing circles, qi gong, the ceremonies, the wisdom, the connection, the art, the relevance. It's a true labour of love and that's contagious."
- Ele Jansen, Germany

About rose medicine

Rose medicine carries an exquisite energy of divine love and penetrates deep into the human heart. As a powerful plant ally she is gentle yet powerful, and is known to:

  • Awaken ancient memories, connecting us to the Goddess in all her forms
  • Sooth and heal the heart after loss, betrayal, grief, guilt and heartbreak
  • Restore joy and deepen our connection to our inner child
  • Offer protection and empower us to create and uphold sacred boundaries
  • Bring us into deep connection with the cycles and rhythms of the Earth
  • Heal birth trauma, the mother wound and ancestral matrilineal lines
  • Act as portal for healing the collective feminine pain body
  • Activate higher consciousness, opening us to multidimensional reality
  • Awaken the sacred heart of compassion that lies within 
  • Heal feelings of separation, reconnecting us with the sacred in all things
  • Open our receptivity to the love of the great mother, including Mother Mary
  • Reveal to us the deepest desires of our hearts and how to claim them
  • Empower us to act in service to life, and to love in all that we do

"Within each human being there is the capacity to communicate with all life, to understand the archetype that lives within. The plants will share many of their healing properties, to one who listens."

Stephen Harrod Buhner; Sacred Plant Medicine

The format

An intensive 6 days, 5 nights retreat from Tuesday – Sunday, arriving Tuesday afternoon and departing Sunday lunch time.

There will be plenty of time for solo reflection, time in nature as well as deep opportunities for sharing in sacred circle. 

The retreat has been designed to enable you to deeply rest, heal, connect and remember. Therefore the schedule will be intuitive and flexible and will be guided by the energy of the group, and the medicine of the rose.

Retreat is hosted in English, with German translation.

Your retreat includes

Intention Setting :: Plant Medicine :: Ritual & Ceremony  ::Voice Activation :: Sacred Song :: Embodiment :: Plant Communication :: Earth Based Practices :: Plant Baths :: Breathwork :: Community

Releasing expectation and surrendering to the great mystery is part of the deep learning process of plant initiations. This is plant-led healing. We may hold the space, but it is the spirit of the rose who does the initiating, for those that are willing to open to her mysteries.

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf&Rose

In summary

Plant Medicines

Working with the medicine of rose supported by rapé, sacred cacao and mapacho.

Earth Based Practices

Earth altars, temazcal, medicine walks, cold water immersion, fire ceremony, water ceremony and much more.

Deep Embodiment

We will explore a wide range of embodiment practices including Qi Gong, Shakti Yoga and breathwork.

Sound Healing

Voice activation, plant song, song circles and sacred dance will be daily tools on our shared journey.


You'll be held in ritual space by facilitator and ceremonialist Avis Mulhall - curandera, dietero and folk herbalist.


There will be deep opportunities for connection with your fellow rose initiates through ritual and sharing circles.

Who is this journey for?​

  • Folks of all genders seeking clarity in life, and wanting to reconnect with their inner guidance
  • Those already working with or feeling a strong calling to connect with the spirit of the Rose
  • Anyone seeking clarity on their path or wishing to find and birth their hearts deepest desires 
  • Those seeking to deepen their connection to themselves, the living world and the plants whilst held in a safe and loving container
  • Anyone seeking a space for healing, rest and remembrance
  • Those seeking to connect with their hearts deepest desires and to rise in radiance whilst being supported in sacred community
  • Spiritual seekers who are already following the path of the plants or the Red Road 
  • Existing dieteros wanting to expand their plant diet experiences beyond jungle plants
  • Curious souls and adventurous spirits seeking community and connection
  • Those who with to have a direct experience with the plants and the force of the feminine


Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card. Paypal fees not included.


Early bird pricing


Standard pricing

Limited low income, single mother and BIPOC scholarship pricing available. Contact us to find out more.

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