Shadow Dancer

A five month intensive 1:1 spiritual mentoring process to help you remember the force of nature that you are.

Wake your inner witch

Shadow Dancer is a 1:1 spiritual mentorship that provides a safe haven for unravelling. For releasing the stories that keep you small. And for unbecoming all that you are not. So that you can embrace your innate inner wisdom, and come home to the truth of who you are.

Soul retrieval of your innate feminine essence

There comes a time in every woman’s life when the Goddess herself arises from the depths and demands your attention. For some that call is illness, anxiety or broken heartedness, for others motherhood, burnout or an encounter with the sacred plants shakes us from our slumber. It can come as a whisper in the wind, or as a thundering wave that tears your life apart.

Whatever the reason, and however the force of the feminine has reached out to you, I created Shadow Dancer as a sacred space for you to answer that call. 

Shadow Dancer includes

Shamanic Menstruation :: Archetypal Energies :: Moonlodge :: Celtic Wisdom :: Elemental Magic :: Ritual & Ceremony :: Altar Work :: Deep Embodiment :: Ancestral Healing :: Meditation :: Psychedelic Integration

How the mentorship works

The journey to the embodied self often requires a shamanic death, a process of stepping into the sacred fires of transformation, burning away all that no longer serves. This path can feel confusing, painful and agonisingly lonely. I created Shadow Dancer because it provides the kind of support I wish I had when I was on my healing journey. 

As midwife to your emerging soul, my intention is to provide a safe, nurturing and loving container for your unravelling spirit. A place where you can die to your old self, and be reborn as the wise and wild woman you were born to be.

Embrace your cyclical nature

Built upon the lost teachings of moonlodge and menstrual consciousness, Shadow Dancer will help you to develop an unshakeable inner architecture, and deep foundations upon which you can learn to trust your inner knowing and live your wildest dreaming. 


An intuitive journey

The process is fully intuitive, guided by your deep intention and held in a loving container of deep sisterhood. Whether you’re seeking to rise in your medicines or heal wounds you just can’t reach on your own, my role isn’t to provide you with answers. I’m here  to hold space as you learn to trust your heart, your body, your soul voice and your cycle, so that the answers you seek emerge naturally from within.


A guided initiation by descent

Becoming a Shadow Dancer is about embracing the medicine of the darkness. It’s about tapping into the primal pulse of knowing that lies dormant in your blood. A knowing that reconnects you to the energies of the earth, the moon and the elements, and to your own innate magic.


Providing a space for you to rise

This mentorship is intimately designed to meet you exactly where you are in life. Whether you are struggling in the shadows or roaring in the light, I am here to witness and celebrate you in all of your messy glory and to guide you through the sacred fires of your transformation and awakening, so that you can rise into the woman you are destined to be.

"During our time together my prayer is for you to cultivate intimacy with the deep feminine through direct revelation, by guiding you through the shadowy realms and reconnecting you to the lost ancestral medicines that lie in your blood and bones."

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf & Rose

What’s included

I only welcome 3-5 women into Shadow Dancer at a time. This allows me to hold a powerful container that ensures each of you receives the utmost presence and attention. Our intimate journey together will include:

10 x 2 hour calls

We will meet weekly over zoom for 2hrs. The calls will be recorded and uploaded to your personalised coaching platform.

Voice message support

You have access to me via voice messenger between calls for ongoing support and assistance in integration of the work.

Personalised rituals

I will provide personalised practices, rituals, self initiations and ceremonies that are designed to meet your unique needs.

Shadow Dancer is for you if

  • You have been walking the path of healing for some time, doing deep work, navigating emotions and shadows on your own, but now you’re seeking support to go even deeper in embodying your truest self
  • You’ve been stuck in patriarchalised masculine modes of achievement and doing in your business or work life,  yet crave a softening into a more feminine way of being
  • You’ve been working with the sacred plants and need help and guidance in integrating these new ways into your life, so you can take the leap from going to ceremony, to living life as ceremony
  • You have experienced or are in the midst of dealing with chronic illness or pain and are finally ready to look at the deepest inner layers required for your healing.
  • You’re curious about the medicine of moonlodge and the blood mysteries and want to awaken the ancient wisdoms and medicines that lie dormant in your blood
  • You’re at a major transition in life, you’ve been doing the work, but your soul is calling you to something deeper, to step into your power, yet you’re not quite sure where to move from here
  • You are currently transitioning into peri-menopause or menopause and are seeking an experienced guide to walk alongside you as you claim your power
  • There are parts of your feminine soul yearning to be embodied, integrated and reclaimed
  • You want to bring your outer world into full alignment with your awakening soul and create a life filled with love, beauty and enchantment
  • You’re wanting to unlock or deepen your understanding of your personal medicines and seeking a rite of passage to step into your feminine power

"My transformation has been so rapid. I think of how different things would have been and how stuck I would have been if it wasn't for Avis' guidance. She's just a magical human. She has been the key person that has helped me give birth to myself. This is real change she's creating. This is real transformation. This is the stuff of miracles."

– Chantelle, Australia


Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or direct transfer. Paypal fees not included.


One time payment


A month for 5 months

Single mother and BIPOC scholarship pricing available, contact us for details.

“When you courageously commit to stepping into this work, it will mark a sacred rite of passage in embodying your feminine essence, waking your inner witch & giving birth to the fullest version of yourself. If you feel the call, and want someone to walk alongside you as you move through the fires of transformation, I’ll be with you the entire time.”

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf&Rose

Waitlist for September now open

Click below to apply or alternatively book a call with Avis to find out more & discuss whether this mentorship is right for you.

What others have to say

“As a trauma survivor, I had my Sacred Feminine taken from me at a very young age. And being a single mom and entrepreneur, I had to develop a strong masculine energy in order to survive, but despite being a yoga teacher, Ayurveda therapist and kinesiologist and doing energy work and meditating three times a day, something was missing – I was managing, but I wasn’t living.

After cancer, several slipped discs and general exhaustion, I started searching for what was missing and I found Avis. She allowed me to reconnect with myself. A me that I had forgotten centuries ago. I was craving for this level of healing. 

Avis showed me how to connect with my inner seasons as a woman. How to empower myself to become a greater healer, consciously waking up the awareness of the Divine Goddess within me. 

Avis is a channel, she’s one of these precious medicine women, acting for balance on earth and peace.
Eyes shut, I give her all my trust, for everything she shares is like magic. 

She adapted her teaching to suit my abilities, explaining everything so clearly, analyzing my dreams and visions, showing me the way, cycle after cycle, moon after moon.

I can’t thank her enough for the deep healing and the journey I have experienced.

Emilie, France

“This work with Avis has caused nothing less than a miracle in my life. She’s pure magic! 

For years I was stuck in my head, my body getting more and more desperate to make me listen, to get my attention. I felt trapped by the worsening symptoms of chronic illness, my world getting smaller and smaller every day.

At my very lowest point I found Avis. I had no idea how ready I was to change my whole life when we began working together. With absolute gentleness and grace she guided me through our months together, always calm, never taking anything personally when I projected on her. I faced many shadows, danced with them and looked them in the eye. She introduced ceremony and prayer to my life in a way that even after our work together finished, I can still hear her voice whisper in my ear. The work with Moonlodge and the cycle seems so natural to me now, I can hardly imagine not living according to my cycle! And most importantly, the medicine of rest…I finally stopped feeling guilty for resting and my life is so much better for it.

Through Avis I learned to take responsibility for my life and wellbeing. She taught me I could feel safe in my body again. The work with her kicked off profound changes in my life, that are still unfolding and evolving. I will be forever grateful I got to spend time with this wonderful being and for all the seeds she planted in me.”

Angela, Germany


The typical journey takes five months with calls scheduled fortnightly or 3 months with weekly calls depending on how you wish to structure your journey. There is some flexibility to allow space for your Moonlodge so at times the mentorship can go on for a little longer.

You will have a calendly link to book calls on your coaching portal.

All calls will be recorded and uploaded on your customised coaching portal which will also host any sacred tasks, readings, meditations and embodiment practices.

Voice message and text message support is available between sessions. You will also be provided with various other supports including; rituals, ceremonies, practices, journaling prompts and meditations. Again, all of this content will be housed in your online coaching portal for ease of access.

This work takes deep courage and commitment to self. It is an investment in the Self you’re wanting to birth into being. But working with me is not for everyone. I only work with people who are fully ready to commit both to themselves and to the work Because this work requires daily commitment to practices, and monthly commitment to Moonlodge I will hold you accountable… in a fierce, yet graceful and loving way. That said – I am here to help you meet all the resistance that may arise, all the stories that are in the way of your discipline and devotion…all the ways of being that stand between you and your deepest hearts desires. If you’re a full yes, apply now. If you’re on the fence and want to know more, book a call. And if you’re not quite ready to invest in yourself at this level, perhaps one of my other programs or courses would be a better place to start. 

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