Shamanic pathways for the awakening heart

Honouring the rising feminine by reviving the ancestral arts of shamanic menstruation and plant spirit medicine.

A mystery school for living prayer

Wolf & Rose is dedicated to reclaiming and practicing the ancestral arts of moonlodge, shamanic menstruation, plant spirit medicine and the way of the rose as a means of liberating the wild feminine soul, so women can own their power, heal their lives and claim their divinity. 

Who is Wolf & Rose?

She is a sacred paradox. A holy whore. She weaves the sacred and the profane, the holy and mundane. She dances with the moon, yet has roots deep in the earth. She embodies the grace of love, and the ferocity of the wild. She navigates the darkness of the void and burns with the light of a thousand suns. She destroys all that no longer serves, and leaves a trail of beauty wherever she goes.

She is a wayfinder, a creatrix, a witch of old.  

She is Wolf & Rose.

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Ready to claim your feminine power?​

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A living lineage of ancestral medicines

Deepest acknowledgements and sweet prayers of endless gratitude go out to the many lineages, sacred designs and teachers without whom these medicines could not have been birthed.

“The spiritual work of unleashing the wild feminine soul is one of the most radical forms of activism there is. And more than that, it’s what we, and the world so desperately need.”

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf&Rose

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If you’re curious about working with the ancestral medicines of moon, blood and rose, browse our selection of online journeys, spiritual mentoring programs and year-long apprenticeships for women and couples.

What others are saying

“This work has helped me connect with what unconditional love is. I have started loving myself, taking the masks down, showing who I am with all my beauty, and what I thought were imperfections. I feel aligned and living in harmony with my heart.”

Emilie, France

“I could say things like transformative and game-changing, but it doesn’t do the work justice. This work that Avis offers is magic….Nothing short of magic. She’s an inspiration, a ball of love and she continuously inspires me to trust myself, my body and my path.”

Chantelle, Australia

“I am so grateful to have Avis in my life, walking by my side spiritually. Her calm presence and wisdom have such an incredible effect on how I look at life now. I’m beginning to trust my body and myself – something I thought wasn’t possible. She’s bringing magic to my life!”

Angie, Germany

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