Medicine Woman Rising

A 13 moon apprenticeship in the ancestral feminine arts to claim your medicine and live your dreaming.

Sacred sisterhood for the rising feminine

Discover the medicines and gifts of the deep feminine through the ancient teachings of the sisterhood on this 13 moon apprenticeship in the ancestral arts of moon, blood and rose. This profound rite of passage will awaken your inner medicine woman and empower you to live your wildest dreaming.

Who is a medicine woman?

A medicine woman is a woman who knows who she is. She feels and lives her connection to the elements, her inner rhythms and to the world around her. As a result, she lives in service to life itself. Practicing the ancient ways of the wise women, witches and priestesses of old. 

She is a spirit whisperer, a herbalist, a keeper of the women’s blood mysteries. A walking embodiment of the Goddess, she has her roots firmly planted in the soil of the earth. As she tends to the garden of her life with compassion and devotion, whilst bathed in the light of unconditional love. 

To be a medicine woman is to remember who you are, beyond what you have been told you are. It is to walk the path of the heart and reclaim the gifts of your ancestry. 

To follow the path of the medicine woman means that you commit to discovering, living and serving your highest truth. It is a lifelong process of aligning your outer life with your inner life so that when you walk in the world, you carry the medicine of truth within you.


Healing as a medicine woman

When a medicine woman interacts with others she heals and enlivens through the simple act of her presence. By living her deepest truth, she becomes medicine.

This medicine is unique to each of us, but it will always guide us, and those around us, towards wholeness, love, truth and healing. To a way of deep remembrance and sacred union, awakening memories of how we can live in balance and harmony with all of life.

This medicine is your birthright. The time has come to claim it.

Medicine Woman Rising includes

Moonlodge Rites :: Shamanic Menstruation :: Way of the Rose :: Celtic Shamanism ::  Intuitive Herbalism :: Sacred Intimacy :: Archetypes :: Elemental Magic :: Ceremony :: Ritual :: Moonsong :: Astrology :: Embodiment :: Transformational Myth :: Sisterhood

About the apprenticeship journey

Choosing between a 13 moon healing journey or 2 year certification, you will embark on a journey of profound personal and ancestral healing grounded in the teachings of moonlodge, shamanic menstruation, Celtic wisdom, intuitive herbalism and the way of the rose. As we collectively walk the spiral path of remembering the sacred ways of the ancestors, you will begin the process of retrieving long forgotten pieces of your feminine soul so that you can come home to your wild self.

As a result of this journey, our prayer is for you to remember the old ways, to return to living in harmony with the cycles of life, and your own inner seasons. So that you can embrace the wisdom of deep feminine within and awaken her essence in the portal of your body.

This work will transform your way of experiencing the world, and will offer you a safe haven from which to heal your deepest wounds and face your hidden shadows in the safety and love of true sisterhood.


Grounded in the ancestral feminine arts

Guided by the ancestral arts of moonlodge, shamanic menstruation, elemental embodiment, sacred intimacy, moonsong, Celtic wisdom and the way of the rose, this journey of homecoming will see you claim the ancestral medicines that lie dormant in your blood, as you courageously learn to walk and live the way of the awakening heart.

By the end of this journey you will have connected with the innate wisdom and power of your inner medicine woman. And you’ll have experienced the healing magic of true sisterhood as your fellow apprentices witness you in your rising, as you rebirth your feminine soul and bring your wildest dreamings into reality. 


Return to the temple of the body

This sacred rite of passage involves a collective returning to the innate wisdom of the body. As we walk the shared path of remembering in sisterhood, we will awaken, and deepen our remembrance of the temple of the feminine within. This process of deep embodiment will mark a profound turning point in your life, as the moment where you found the courage to trust your body and your soul voice. As a result, you will open to receiving the gifts and medicines of the feminine that are your birthright.


Rise in service to the deep feminine

For those that wish to continue their apprenticeship in order to rise in service to others, there is the opportunity to deepen your learnings in a second year spiral. The second 13 moon spiral of the apprenticeship mirrors the first year but will deepen your embodiment of the ancestral arts and has a stronger focus on intuitive herbalism and plant initiations. 

This spiral is designed to empower you to embody your full self expression and step into service within your community, taking your place as a sacred activist of the rising feminine. 

You will be deeply supported in midwifing your unique medicine offering into being and will start the journey to sharing your gifts immediately. Providing ample opportunity to hone your facilitation skills and explore your own unique style of feminine leadership in the safety of supportive, sacred sisterhood. You will also learn how to hold a trauma informed container so that the women you work with can awaken the temple of the feminine within, in deep trust and safety.

In-person and online deep dive retreats including plant initiations are also an integral part of the two year certification program. This certification will enable you to share the medicines of moonlodge and shamanic menstruation as taught by Wolf & Rose with women and couples. 

A third year deep apprenticeship to specialise in plant initiations and intuitive herbalism is also available for a select number of graduates. 

"Draw forth from the darkness that which is within you so that it may be seen...just as a mother brings forth a child from her womb, and the earth brings forth flowers. You must give birth to prayer even if you must experience birth pangs, even if it causes you travail. Not to do so is not to carry forth the life that is within you."

Perdita Finn

During this journey you will

  • Unleash your inner medicine woman, empowering you to step into a position of feminine leadership in your life, and in service to others
  • Learn what it means to find your prayer for life, and discover how to courageously live your prayer
  • Awaken ancestral memories of the gifts of the feminine that lie within you
  • Learn to master the art of shamanic menstruation with a particular focus on the medicine of moonlodge as your monthly vision quest
  • Receive the moonlodge rites; energetic and archetypal transmissions to awaken your ancestral gifts 
  • Discover how to live in tune with your inner seasons, astrological cycles, the Celtic wheel and the primal rhythms of nature
  • Walk the spiral path of remembering your gifts by following the sacred feminine medicine wheel
  • Form a deep bond of true sisterhood by embarking on a shared journey of embodying the key archetypes of the feminine 
  • Bring awareness to, and heal your wounded imprints by illuminating and embracing your shadow
  • Explore transformational myth, astrology, intuitive herbalism and moonsong as pathways for encountering and embodying the feminine in all her guises
  • Experience monthly circles and ceremonies as well as shamanic journeys, live practices and workshops
  • Develop a daily and seasonal personal practice that includes soulwork, ceremonies, altar work, deep embodiment and self initiations  
  • Explore sacred intimacy practices including deep womb work
  • Experience the living world of intuitive herbalism and plant spirit medicine 
  • Learn from guest teachers including musicians, indigenous wisdom keepers, astrologers and embodiment facilitators
  • Experience optional add-on retreats including way of the rose plant initiations as well as pilgrimages to Peru and to the sacred sites of the Goddess and Magdalene in France and Ireland.

There is no force more powerful than a woman who is living her medicine. Now more than ever, the world needs medicine women to rise. Women who are wise, wild and fiercely awake, compelled forward by the force of love, acting in service to all of life. The time has come to return to your wild roots and rise into the medicine woman you came here to be.

Applications are currently closed

Our program is currently undergoing a metamorphosis and will be emerging in anew in 2024. Please sign up below to be notified once we have more details.