Rose Initiation

A collective prayer honouring the cycles of life, death and rebirth, guided by the spirit of the rose

A plant medicine journey to awaken your sacred heart

Our rose initiation is a four week shamanic plant medicine journey fusing traditional folk herbalism and the Amazonian dieta traditions to create a profound portal for healing that offers a deep initiation onto the path of the rose.

What is the path of the rose?

The path of the rose is a path of living prayer. A path of living in remembrance, compassion and beauty, opening us to the highest frequencies of love and devotion. It is the path of the awakening heart. The path of the Goddess. A path of living in harmony with the primal rhythms of nature, where we embrace the magic and mystery of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. It represents the resurrection of the deep feminine within. Where our hearts deepest desires are revealed and we learn the true meaning of regeneration and abundance, empowering us to step into sovereignty and claim our divinity as co-creators with all of life.

“Older than human beings. Older even than hominids. Dig as deep as you can in the fossil record, and roses are there already. In the beginning was the Word, says the Gospel of John. But the truth is, words came later. In the beginning was the rose."

Clark Strand & Perdita Finn; “The Way of The Rose”

What is a plant initiation?

Fusing the folk practice of herbal simpling and the Amazonian vegetalista dieta traditions, plant initiations – also known as plant diets – are a deep practice of discipline and devotion, sacrifice and prayer. In sacred reciprocity, the plant teacher, in our case the spirit of the rose, bestows on the initiate deep teachings as well as profound physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

This practice of dieting plants opens us to dimensions of human experience where we can have direct encounters with the living world and remember the sacred in all things. 

It is in this dimension that plants can communicate with us, helping us to access deep visions of our life path so we can retrieve our inner medicines and live our hearts deepest desires.


Developing relationships with plants

Folk herbalists and hedge-witches practicing the art of herbal simpling merge their plant work into their everyday life. They work with “simples”, which are typically a decoction or tincture of a single plant. This process allows them to develop an intimate relationship with the plant by learning from it directly over a given period of time. This teaching then expands by spending time with the plant, witnessing it in it’s changing seasons and in seeing how it interacts with the world around it. 

The hedge-witch and folk herbalist are often self taught and intuitive in their practices. They heal by reconnecting us to ourselves and the natural world using the profound connection they have with their plant allies. 

What a plant initiation involves

A plant initiation or plant dieta involves drinking a decoction or infusion of the plant whilst following a strict diet and abstaining from sexual contact, followed by an integration period. Initiates abstain from alcohol, salt, spices, oil, fat, meat, dairy and sugar, sticking to a bland diet consisting of vegetables, rice and occasionally fish. This diet expands outwards to what we mentally and emotionally consume in books, social media, film, conversation and even our own thoughts and dreams.

In the Amazonian tradition this process is done in total isolation, stripping you of all that is familiar, bringing your wounds to the surface for healing, and returning you to a deep space of connection with the living world.

Our rose initiation process

At Wolf & Rose, our plant initiation process is a fusion of these practices, allowing you to go as deep as you would like – with the option of a “strict” initiation where you are in relative isolation, or a more “social” initiation where you continue to carry out your major daily tasks whilst adhering to strict dietary guidelines, reducing external stimuli and committing to time in nature as well as to prayer, embodiment practices, devotion and meditation. For those wishing to follow a strict initiation, prior experience in this kind of devotional prayer is required.


A deep process of plant-led healing 

The process of working with plants in this way can be incredibly challenging as it is designed to remove external stimuli and everyday distractions in order to bring our stories, fears and demons to the surface for healing whilst also illuminating our patterns of avoidance and self sabotage. In this way it is also a deep practice of self compassion and presencing, of finding your way back to centre through the storms of facing the shadow self.

This profound process assists us in calming the mind, gently beckoning us to listen more deeply to the living world, and to our soul voice, opening us to the subtle realms, wherein the teacher plant can work with us on deeper levels of healing and transformation.

The depth of the journey depends on you

The plants however, can only bring us as deep as we are committed to opening. The deeper our commitment, devotion and sacrifice, the deeper the plant can penetrate through our defences, opening us to the qualities and teachings of the plant.

If we have the courage to fully open, the plants can give us guidance and add meaning to our lives, evoking in us a sense of wonder and connection with the web of life, whilst performing a sort of spiritual surgery, healing us of deep wounded imprints, freeing ourselves and our lineage of these traumas.

At it’s heart a plant initiation is a journey of reconnecting to ourselves and to the living world. It is the holy work of remembering our true nature and our role in creation.

Returning to the altar of nature

In being humbled by the plants, we learn to bow down in reverence at the altar of nature once more. And in so doing the plant becomes our sacrament, offering us communion with spirit, right here, in the temples of our being, providing to us a new vision for our lives, and for humanity.

"Four weeks of poetry. Four weeks of beautiful, powerful and disarming medicine, leaving me full of love, full of life, full of deep gratitude and humility. I know no better way to find balance."
- Emilie Chauvet, France
"It was my first introduction to the rose, and it became clear that she was what I didn’t know was missing from my life. There is so much gold to this work, and the journey is only just starting."
- Deirdre Ambrose, Ireland
"The whole offering is pure magic: the live music, the singing and sharing circles, qi gong, the ceremonies, the wisdom, the connection, the art, the relevance. It's a true labour of love and that's contagious."
- Ele Jansen, Germany

Why do a rose initiation?

Rose medicine carries an exquisite energy of divine love and penetrates deep into the human heart. As a powerful plant ally she is gentle yet powerful, and is known to:

  • Help you connect to and receive your hearts deepest desires
  • Awaken ancient memories, connecting us to the Goddess in all her forms
  • Sooth and heal the heart after loss, betrayal, grief, guilt and heartbreak
  • Restore joy and deepen our connection to our inner child
  • Offer protection and empower us to create and uphold sacred boundaries
  • Bring us into deep connection with the cycles and rhythms of the Earth
  • Heal birth trauma, the mother wound and ancestral matrilineal lines
  • Act as portal for healing the collective feminine pain body
  • Activate higher consciousness, opening us to multidimensional reality
  • Awaken the sacred heart of compassion that lies within 
  • Heal feelings of separation, reconnecting us with the sacred in all things
  • Open our receptivity to the love of the great mother, including Mother Mary
  • Reveal to us the deepest desires of our hearts and how to claim them
  • Empower us to act in service to life, and to love in all that we do

"Within each human being there is the capacity to communicate with all life, to understand the archetype that lives within. The plants will share many of their healing properties, to one who listens."

Stephen Harrod Buhner; “Sacred Plant Medicine”

How the rose initiation unfolds

Over four weeks we will journey together to meet the spirit of the rose. Following the cycles of the moon, we start by planting our seeds of intention in the preparation week and begin our journey of withdrawing from the world. From there we dive courageously into the void, facing our darkness and meeting our resistance. It is from this point of darkness that healing and clarity emerge as the medicine blooms and flourish within us. 

As a result, we reap the rewards of our devotion as we harvest the fruits of our work and release all that no longer serves. During integration we learn to cultivate and hold a new spaciousness of being, to allow the new visions we receive for our lives to take root and flourish.


How we prepare

Our preparation week includes intention setting as well as physical and emotional cleansing. During this time initiates start their devotional work by connecting with the rose through prayer, daily discipline and in working with rose flower essence. Workshops and live calls include voice activation, plantsong and plant communication. 


What the ceremony involves

The 8 day plant initiation itself involves drinking rose medicine in the form of an infusion in the mornings, and as a handcrafted elixir in the evenings. We open the container with a shared ceremony and shamanic journey on day 1 and follow with a ceremony, sound healing and song circle on day 4, as well as a closing ceremony on day 8.

You will be required to hold deep space daily for yourself as you journey with the rose. A commitment to spending time with self, in nature, and in prayer, devotion and contemplation is required. 

Held in safety you will be provided with guided daily practices and rituals to help you open and hold impeccable space for your flourishing self.


A process of co-creation

Part of the magic of this Rose Initiation is that it is a shared journey. There is a particular medicine that comes when people gather intentionally in prayer, whether in person or online. And this deepens when each individual has the opportunity to contribute to the medicine of the shared journey.

Therefore, as part of the rose initiation you are encouraged to prepare and share a prayer – be it a song, poem or work of art as this is a powerful way to integrate your learnings, find your soul voice and share the medicine that you carry. You will be lovingly supported in doing so, and a guest teacher will guide you through the process of unlocking this medicine within.


Fully supported integration

Integration then consists of 14 days, an important time of allowing the work to land, integrating the profound realisations and openings into our lives, whilst still sticking to a limited diet. During this time we will have sharing circles and guided integration practices to help you ground the work, allowing you to welcome the rose to walk alongside you as a spiritual ally for life.

Rose initiation includes

Intention Setting :: Ceremony & Ritual :: Voice Activation & Plantsong :: Embodiment :: Plant Communication :: Folk Herbalism :: Shamanic Journeys :: Altar Work :: Plant Baths :: Community :: Integration :: Medicine Bundle

Releasing expectation and surrendering to the great mystery is part of the deep learning process of plant initiations. This is plant-led healing. We may hold the space, but it is the spirit of the rose who does the initiating, for those that are willing to open to her mysteries.

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf&Rose

A summary of your rose initiation

This is a potent container of transformation that involves powerful ceremonies, practices and self initiations, safely held in ritual space and supported by expert facilitators and musicians.


Our in-depth preparation week guides you through the process of plant initiations. We will provide guidelines, practices and rituals to support you in setting your intention, preparing your ritual space as well as cleansing body and mind. Live calls and workshops include voice activation, plantsong, embodiment, plant communication and intuitive herbalism.


The eight day initiation itself involves a powerful opening ceremony, a mid-point ceremony and sound healing on day 4 along with a closing ceremony on day 8. Each day you will work with rose infusion and rose elixir, whilst adhering to the dietary protocols. You will also be guided through self-initiations, plant baths, dreamwork, altar work and embodiment practices.


Integration is a vital part of plant initiations and requires strong support to ensure the plant can be integrated into your body and your life. Your integration will be deeply supported through song circles, sharing circles, integration rituals, embodiment practices and dietary guidelines to ensure that your integration goes smoothly and the rose can become your ally for life.

Medicine bundle

Each item in your medicine bundle has been handcrafted with love, prayer and intention and includes a selection of plant medicines to support your journey from preparation through to integration. All items are small batch wildcrafted and organic and have been created for this initiation months in advance using specific instructions that came directly from the rose.


You'll be held in ritual space by our lead facilitator and ceremonialist Avis Mulhall, an intuitive folk herbalist who has apprenticed in the Amazonian vegetalista dieta tradition. She is a Moondancer in the Mexica Red Road and is a keeper of the medicines of the Chanupa and Temazcal. She will be supported by professional musicians and guest facilitators.


Despite this being an online journey where you're in retreat at home, it has been designed so you'll feel part of a community from the beginning, which will also deepen our collective prayer. You'll have the opportunity to meet and share with your fellow travellers by participating in the fellowship of the rose sharing circles and through our private online community.

Your medicine bundle

To support your journey you will receive a lovingly handcrafted medicine bundle of small batch organic and wild-harvested medicines including; Grail Essence, Rose Infusion, Rose Elixir, Blessing Herbs, Ritual Oil, Flower Bath & Healing Balm.

Who is this journey for?​

  • Anyone who has an existing relationship with or feels a strong calling to connect with the spirit of the Rose 
  • Those already walking the path of sacred plant medicine and dieta, wishing to expand their experiences to plants of their own ancestry
  • Those seeking to deepen their connection to themselves, the living world and the plants whilst held in a safe and loving container
  • Those wishing to heal, understand and deepen their relationship to the sacred feminine and the cycles of life
  • Anyone interested in or following the path of the Magdalene 
  • If you are walking the Red Road including Sundance, Moondance and Vision Quest, this is a potent way to add to your healing work
  • If you have no experience with plant medicines or with this kind of prayer, a strong capacity to sit with self, meet your shadows and hold a loving space for yourself is necessary

"When we return to our roots, working with plants that grow around us and are familiar to our ancestors, a profound remembering, awakening and homecoming occurs. My prayer is for this rose initiation to be a portal for your healing and remembering."

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf&Rose

Who is it not for?

  • This work is not to be taken lightly, if you feel you can not attend the full cycle of ceremonies please do not apply
  • If you are too “busy” right now, perhaps take some space to readjust your environment and state of being before committing – deep space is needed for the plant to land and integrate into your life
  • There are strict dietary and behavioural guidelines for this work, if you cannot adhere to these, this work is not for you
  • If you have deep shadows and trauma that you are unwilling to face, or not ready to integrate, this work is likely unsuitable for you as it will bring these to the surface
  • If you are in the early stages of pregnancy this work is contraindicated
  • If you have pre-existing psychological issues including psychosis this work could trigger these issues so it is not recommended

If you are in any doubt about your capacity to commit, or whether this work is for you, please contact us to discuss.



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