We are Wolf & Rose​

A living wisdom school dedicated to the rising feminine, acting in service to the plants and all of life.

Open to a life of everyday mysticism

At Wolf & Rose our mission is to help you connect with the deep feminine within using the ancestral arts of moonlodge, shamanic menstruation and plant spirit medicine. Our prayer is that this work opens you to embodying life as ceremony, where every breath becomes a prayer for the life, and the world, you’re creating. 

About Wolf & Rose

Wolf & Rose has been lovingly created as a space for healing, remembering and creating our hearts deepest desires. This is a place for you to satiate the unnameable yearning that lies deep in your body and soul for that which is holy. We aim to act as a safe haven from which you can seek out and follow the sacred, in ways that awaken your heart and renew your soul. 

Birthed from the lived experiences of the way of the rose, sacred plant medicines, and the mysteries of moonlodge, our vision is to honour the living wisdom of these lineages, and to restore right-relationship with the force of the feminine, so that we might return to sacred balance.

In service to the rising feminine

The time for the feminine to rise has arrived. However we know in our hearts that in order for the feminine to rise, all must be able to drink of her medicine. Therefore along with our women’s offerings, we also offer feminine wisdom based intimacy journeys for couples, and our plant initiations are open to anyone seeking to awaken and integrate the gifts of the feminine within. All of our offerings are designed for deep personal and collective healing, as a way for us to return to sacred balance and restore right relationship with the force of the feminine. 


Opening you to a life of everyday mysticism

The way of the feminine is the way of the mystic. Where each of us becomes a vessel for healing the world, by connecting with the deep wisdom of the body, nature and her cycles. 

This path of the feminine mystic is about finding and aligning to our deepest prayer, and opening to the healing potential of unconditional love, which is our truest nature. And the magic of the feminine is that all of this healing doesn’t require hierarchy or religious structures, ashrams or master teachers. For her medicine is hidden amongst the seeming ordinary-ness of your everyday life, and is available for those that have eyes to see, and ears to listen.

So if you are seeking to awaken your feminine soul and wish to discover a life of mysticism, hidden right here, in the everyday – then this space is for you. For us all. To walk the path of remembering, together.

Hi, I’m Avis​

I created Wolf & Rose as a way of sharing the practices and medicines that have served me so faithfully on my journey of healing. 

I offer my work as an act of sacred reciprocity, because at these practices and ways of being saved my life, and each day they continue to liberate me and those I love. 

My prayer is that they do the same for you.

With love & roses,

Avis Xochitl

Avis Mulhall

My return to the feminine ways

My own journey to healing began after many years of mental health challenges, chronic pain and life-threatening illnesses. These experiences shattered my understanding of the world, and of life, plunging me deep on to a path of healing that involved navigating many years in the darkness.

It was through building intimacy with this darkness, and in befriending death, that I learned to heal my body and rediscovered my true nature, my wildness, and the beauty of who I am. Who we all are, at our core….love, joy, medicine. 


Returning to my wild roots

During the years spent wandering in the dark woods of my longing, I searched the world for medicines that could help me heal. Seeking out indigenous teachers and guides who generously shared their practices and wisdom with me. To them, and to the plants, I owe my life. 

Yet it was in returning to the land, and to honouring the cycles of life, and my own inner seasons, that a deeper remembering unfolded. My ancient witch awoke as I unwittingly unleashed the force of the feminine within. 

A journey to deep embodiment

With the spirits of the land guiding me and the plants illuminating the way, the blood in my womb now flows with ancestral memory of the divine feminine that has always resided within me. Allowing me to fully inhabit a body that was once only filled with pain. And with that deep embodiment, a life of grace and peace was gifted to me. And now, I wish the same for you dear one.

I created Wolf & Rose as a place for you to remember your inner mysteries. To return to your wild roots and sing your medicines into being, by awakening the ancient wisdoms that lay dormant in your blood and bones.

My invitation to you

I offer this space for those of you who wish to revel in the simple joy and mystery of being alive. This is a place for you to remember your medicines. And for deepening in intimacy with self and with the force of the feminine. So that you can expand that intimacy and love outwards to all of life and use your medicine to contribute to the co-creation of a more beautiful world. 

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A living lineage of ancestral medicine

Deepest acknowledgements and sweet prayers of endless gratitude go out to the many lineages, sacred designs and teachers without whom these medicines could not have been birthed.

These teachings have been greatly influenced by my work with Maestro Don B. & his Amazonian vegetalista dieta lineage, Ecuadorian medicine woman Carmen Vicentes work of the altars and her teachings of moonlodge in the School of Secrets, the late Abuela Malinali and the teachings of  Temazcal & the chanupa through her lineage of the Mexica Red Road Danza of Ollintlahuimezteli as well as Master Zhen Hua Yang’s Shaolin QiGong lineage. 

Gratitude to the many Native American elders including Pete Jackson and Daniel Eagle Warrior Ramos who shared the teachings of the medicine wheel, as well as Mike from the Rosebud reservation who opened me to the medicines of ancestral song, sweat lodge and the Lakota Way.

And lastly I bow down in gratitude to the endless territory of the body for humbling me, to the land for awakening my Celtic soul, to the ancestors for guiding me. To my blood for helping me to remember and to the plants for opening me to the mystery.

And to the Goddess, for guiding me by the hand with the fiercest love. I act in service to you now and always, in sacred reciprocity for your grace in midwifing my wild feminine soul so that I could birth this medicine of Wolf & Rose into being.

Our core pillars

Shamanic Menstruation :: Moonlodge :: Plant Spirit Medicine :: Transformational Myth :: Celtic Wisdom :: Plant & Moon Song :: Deep Embodiment :: Sacred Intimacy :: Community :: Life as Ceremony

Hear what others have to say

“Avis showed me how to connect with my seasons as a woman, to empower myself to become a greater healer, consciously waking the Divine Goddess within myself.”

Emilie, France

“Avis is an extraordinary woman, who has more life experience jammed into her short years than most people will get in a lifetime. If you want a woman to help you change your life, she’s it”

Chantelle, Australia

Her calm presence and wisdom have such an incredible effect on how I look at life now. I’m beginning to trust my body and myself – something I thought wasn’t possible.”

Angie, Germany