Blood Love Sex Magic

A mythic and ecological quest for sacred union guided by the lost teachings of the menstrual cycle.

A sacred intimacy journey for lovers

Open to deeper levels of trust, respect and intimacy in your relationship by learning the shared language and lost medicine of shamanic menstruation on this 6 week immersive journey for men, women and couples. 

Reclaiming blood as medicine

Imagine for a moment that you both looked forward to the monthly bleed. Because the cycle became a welcomed portal to deeper intimacy. And that you both knew how to harness the creative force of the cycle to manifest your dream lives.  And instead of emotional unpredictability being a source of conflict, you both welcomed the ever-changing faces of the feminine because you understood the healing magic of each archetype.

How might your relationship to each other, and to life change?

Because the truth is that the menstrual cycle is a source of infinite wisdom, profound healing and creative power – for both the masculine and feminine. And understanding it’s rhythms, archetypal energies and language can bring more balance, harmony and healing to your life, your relationship, and to the world around you. 

However this work of the blood is not for the faint of heart. It requires a wholehearted dive deep into the underworld, to unravel your patterns and behaviours and to witness and hold each other in your vulnerabilities as you discover a new language through which you can relate and deepen in intimacy. 

If you are ready to open to next level love, BLSM is an opportunity to safely meet your edges in a lovingly held container. 

Join us live to explore

Shamanic Menstruation :: Sacred Intimacy :: Archetypal Embodiment :: Ancestral Healing :: Transformational Mythology

A shared path towards sacred union

On this profound 6 week journey you and your beloved will:

  • Discover how the primal energies of the menstrual cycle affect the dynamics of your relationship
  • Embark on a mythological and ecological quest for sacred union, through the archetypal energies of the cycle
  • Learn to use the cycle as a tool to identify, face and heal your wounded imprints and clear ancestral trauma
  • Learn to embrace conflict as an alchemical portal for accessing the lost medicine of the Holy Grail
  • Explore embodiment, sacred intimacy and communication practices to open to new levels of love and deepen in trust, respect and intimacy
ancient symbol

There was a time when the menstrual cycle was revered. Where menstruation, and blood was seen not as taboo, but as a source of infinite power. What might be possible if we reclaimed this power within our relationships?

How the journey works

Each week for six weeks a new portal will open.

As we move through each portal we’ll have a LIVE call of 90 minutes along with interactive Q&A. You will also be provided with guided sacred intimacy and embodiment practices and rituals to be carried out individually and as a couple between live calls, allowing ample space for deep self-reflection, shared healing and integration.

My prayer is for you to learn by direct experience as I personally guide you through practices and transmissions that will open you to the magic and mystery of the cycle in a way that will allow you to integrate these teachings into the very fabric of your relationship, transforming it forever.

Journeying with a small group of like-hearted souls will deepen the experience and enhance the potency of these learnings by giving you an opportunity to share your insights and experiences, revealing the universality of the challenges we face in walking the path of conscious relationship. 

All live sessions will be recorded and saved on our custom course portal so you’ll be able to access and revisit any time.

For too long the menstrual cycle has been shamed, blamed and vilified, driving a wedge between the masculine and feminine. The time has come to heal this relationship. To remember it’s medicine as a portal to healing, balance and sacred union.

Blood Love Sex Magic includes

Live calls x 6

Each week includes a LIVE 90 minute transmission with Avis as we collectively navigate the sacred union medicine wheel.

Embodiment rituals

Weekly customised rituals & practices for the masculine and feminine to open you more deeply to love and each other.

Group coaching

Each week there is the opportunity to have your questions answered with live Q&A sessions with Avis.

Community of practice

A private space to share your learnings and experiences with an intimate group of fellow explorers of the heart.

Lifetime access

You will retain access to the teachings on the course portal for life, allowing you to join all future rounds of BLSM live as desired.

Bonus 1:1 coaching

Claim our early bird offer to receive a bonus FREE coaching call with Avis Mulhall worth €555.

Your guide

Hi I’m Avis,

I’m a lover of medicine, magic and mystery which is why this work of the blood has become so important to me.

It has completely changed how I view myself, the world and the act of relating. It unleashed my inner medicines, deeply connected me to the living world and opened me and my beloved to levels of intimacy and union we never knew possible.

My prayer is that it does the same for you dear hearts. I can’t wait to journey with you.

With love & roses,

Avis Xochitl 

Avis Mulhall

By the end of our time together you will

  • Be able to read and flow with the primal energies and rhythms of the menstrual cycle and have a shared language for navigating them
  • Understand the various seasons of the cycle, along with their unique challenges, gifts and opportunities for healing and deepening in intimacy
  • Recognise and relate to the archetypes of feminine and masculine as expressed through the cycle
  • Understand the role of the masculine within the cycle along with the unique challenges and opportunities that appear for him during different seasons
  • Be able to use the cycle as a tool to heal individual, collective and ancestral trauma
  • Know how to alchemise conflict to access the mystery of the Holy Grail and open to deeper love and union
  • Begin to embody the potency of menstrual consciousness as a shared spiritual practice
  • Know how to leverage the cycle and feminine sexual energy as a force for enhancing creativity and manifestation
  • Have powerful tools to deepen in intimacy, enhance communication and hold potent shared space for healing and transformation
  • Have a deep respect for the power of the cycle, the force of the feminine and the role of the masculine, so you can walk the shared path towards sacred union
  • Understand how your practice of shamanic menstruation is a form of sacred activism, integral in helping us collectively return to balance

Blood Love Sex Magic will connect you to the mysteries of the deep feminine, and to the innate magic and love that lies at the heart of your relationship in a way that is grounded, humorous and full of easy to implement learnings.


Paypal fees not included. Book early to receive a BONUS 1:1 coaching session worth €555. 


Individual rate 


Couples rate 

Payment plans and limited partial BIPOC and low income scholarships available. To apply please contact us to discuss.

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“Embodying menstrual consciousness will transform your relationship. But it runs so much deeper than that. This work is a radical act of sacred activism, a long overdue step in restoring balance within ourselves, our relationships, and in the world around us.”

Avis Mulhall
Founder, Wolf & Rose

What others are saying

“Your words around the blood and the power of this work, touched me as a remembering, a download and something I can’t quite frame in words as it feels so big. It highlighted to me how the monthly bleed triggers feelings of abandonment, and an even deeper ancestral wound of the masculine afraid of the depth of the feminines power.”

Velan Cadden, Australia


We have a customised course portal and after you sign up we will send you an email with log in details. Live calls are hosted on zoom and all links will be emailed ahead of time and uploaded on the course portal.

We encourage you to attend the live calls to benefit from the live experience. However all calls will be recorded and we aim to have them available on the course portal within 24 hours.

A full schedule of live calls will be available on our online portal and will likely be held on Thursday mornings CET time but will be timed to suit the majority of those attending.

Live calls are 90 mins. Outside of that, we recommend approx 2-3 hours a week for personal and couples rituals and embodiment practices though this is entirely optional. If you’re just here for the transmissions, you’ll still get so much out of it, and you’ll have lifetime access to the other rituals and practices so you can take it all at your own pace. 

Without a doubt, YES. For singles this information can greatly help you understand and heal from past relationships, and will give you an excellent grounding in how to approach your next conscious relationship. If you are a man who wants to more deeply understand his role in relation to menstruation in relationship, this work in integral – and if you are a woman – this work is 100% relevant whether you are in a relationship or not, and whether you intend to be in a relationship or not as this work provides a map to inner union, to uncovering your hearts desires, and to finding deeper healing and balance in your life.

It takes two to do the work of conscious relationship, that said we understand that at times, one person is more attuned to this type of work. Our recommendation is to share that you are doing this work, and then discuss and embody your revelations. In our experience, this is usually more than enough to pique their interest in applying the work to relationship. 

The energies of the masculine and feminine we work with aren’t gendered, they are archetypal forces that live within each of us. That said, this work has been developed based on the lived experiences, and social conditioning of biologically male and female bodied individuals. If you are drawn to this work, I have no doubt you will benefit from it, but be aware that the language is highly gendered, so if this may trigger you, please consider this before purchasing.

There are huge benefits to this work as you transition into menopause (I am currently late stage menopause and this work has saved me and my relationship many times). BLSM can give you a new lens through which to understand your cycle and how it has affected your life and relationships to date. The integration of this knowledge can be deeply healing and empowering in transitioning into menopause and claiming the innate power that lies in this life transition.

This is an even bigger reason to do this work as often we can heal our cycles by bringing deeper awareness to them. We’ll be able to talk you through ways of understanding the energies of the cycle even if you don’t bleed.

You can still do this work whilst on the pill, however we do recommend working to transition off the pill as it affects the natural rhythm of your cycle and your capacity to tune into your true inner guidance and wisdom.

If you complete all the program content and are still unsatisfied we will offer you a 100% discount. This work, works. And we trust that.