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Deepen your connection to the feminine through the ancestral arts of plant spirit medicine and shamanic menstruation.

Walk the spiral path of remembering

Birthed from the living wisdom of the way of the rose, sacred plant medicines, Celtic shamanism and the teachings of moonlodge, our offerings have been crafted for courageous souls seeking to follow in the sacred footsteps of the ancestors in a grounded, heart-centric way.  

If you’re interested in awakening the force of the deep feminine within, browse our selection of offerings below.

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A selection of online programs, personal mentoring and year-long apprenticeships for women, men and couples.

For all

Rose Initiation

A four week plant medicine ceremony to meet the spirit of the Rose, inspired by the Amazonian vegetalista path of dieta and the ancestral art of herbal simpling

For couples

Blood Love Sex Magic

A four week journey for couples exploring the lost love language of shamanic menstruation as a means of opening to deeper love, trust and intimacy.

For women

Shadow Dancer

A personalised 1:1 mentorship journey for women. An initiation by descent to face your deepest shadows so you can emerge as the wise and wild woman you are.


Medicine Woman Rising

A 13 moon apprenticeship to rebirth the wild feminine soul, grounded in the teachings of moonlodge, Celtic shamanism, intuitive herbalism and the path of the rose.

Witch Blood eBook Cover

Ready to claim your feminine power?

Unlock the secrets of shamanic menstruation and wake your inner witch by mapping the primal energies of your cycle with this soon-to-launch FREE downloadable menstrual chart and guide.

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